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Are You Building a Lifestyle Business?

“Most successful agents get trapped in their business, often at the expense of their freedom. While we may love the work we do, there is a life outside of that work we would love to live. Why can’t we have both?” – Chris Angell

Check Out These Stats...

How's Your Follow Up?

According to NAR, 72% of buyers said they would “definitely” use the same agent again. Only 9% did. We need to find better ways to add value to our clients after the transaction.

  • Said they would use same agent 72%
  • Actually did use the same agent 9%

Internet Lead Gen?

While buyers use the internet in their search, it is NOT primarily how they find you. Check out where buyers really find their agents…

  • Referred 49%
  • Used Previously 9%
  • Internet 9%

Consider Sellers Too!

Relationship and Connection are being overlooked in this “information” age. What people want more than information is connection. You can see it in the statistics!  Check out where the internet falls in line for how sellers found their agent compared to relationship oriented sources…

  • Referred 39%
  • Used Previously 22%
  • Agent Contacted 4%
  • Visited Open House 4%
  • Referred by Another Agent 4%
  • Internet Website 3%

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