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Are You Building a Lifestyle Business?

“Most successful agents get trapped in their business, often at the expense of their freedom. While we may love the work we do, there is a life outside of that work we would love to live. Why can’t we have both?” – Chris Angell

Check Out These Stats...

How's Your Follow Up?

According to NAR, 72% of buyers said they would “definitely” use the same agent again. Only 9% did. We need to find better ways to add value to our clients after the transaction.

  • Said they would use same agent 72%
  • Actually did use the same agent 9%

Internet Lead Gen?

While buyers use the internet in their search, it is NOT primarily how they find you. Check out where buyers really find their agents…

  • Referred 49%
  • Used Previously 9%
  • Internet 9%

Consider Sellers Too!

Relationship and Connection are being overlooked in this “information” age.¬†What people want more than information is connection. You can see it in the statistics! ¬†Check out where the internet falls in line for how sellers found their agent compared to relationship oriented sources…

  • Referred 39%
  • Used Previously 22%
  • Agent Contacted 4%
  • Visited Open House 4%
  • Referred by Another Agent 4%
  • Internet Website 3%

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