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Are You Building a Lifestyle Business?

“Most successful agents get trapped in their business, often at the expense of their freedom. While we may love the work we do, there is a life outside of that work we would love to live. Why can’t we have both?” – Chris Angell

Check Out These Stats...

How's Your Follow Up?

According to NAR, 72% of buyers said they would “definitely” use the same agent again. Only 9% did. We need to find better ways to add value to our clients after the transaction.

  • Said they would use same agent 72%
  • Actually did use the same agent 9%

Internet Lead Gen?

While buyers use the internet in their search, it is NOT primarily how they find you. Check out where buyers really find their agents…

  • Referred 49%
  • Used Previously 9%
  • Internet 9%

Consider Sellers Too!

Relationship and Connection are being overlooked in this “information” age. What people want more than information is connection. You can see it in the statistics!  Check out where the internet falls in line for how sellers found their agent compared to relationship oriented sources…

  • Referred 39%
  • Used Previously 22%
  • Agent Contacted 4%
  • Visited Open House 4%
  • Referred by Another Agent 4%
  • Internet Website 3%

Read Through Our Latest Blog Posts…

Simple Formula for Email Lead Follow Up and a Sneak Peak

Hey. My last email post was pretty direct about how we use email poorly. I’m sure I offended some people (not my intention). But if we don’t address what’s broken (and we all have stuff that’s broken), then we can’t fix it. Which brings us to this juicy email. Most lead follow up is broken. Most try to pretty up their email, or type out tricky language patterns or just type something day after day until they list or die.  :) What’s missing? Connection. Seth Godin has called this the Connection Economy. I love that. The information age is just what lives in the background of our lives. So, connection is what we seek now… and information, while helpful, is just common place. I think this insight is what had me finally get how to use email in my own efforts. And why I’m now sharing what I’ve seen and learned with you. Anyhoo… I’ve written a short guide, or course, or whatever “thing” you want to call it. (I call it Email Lead Follow-upFormula. E.L.F. Formula.  Not the sexiest name but easy to remember.) NOTE: The course goes live tomorrow, but I’m telling you about it first. In fact, here’s the first 2 chapters… First 2 Chapters in pdf (sneak peak – direct download) And in that course I lay out a format for follow up. I even have a “big ass swipe file” of sorts that you can copy or tweak and make your own. (Check that out later, don’t stop reading this)… What I want to share with you here so you can begin to make connections in your...

My own challenge using email and what not to do

If you’re still opening my emails  reading my posts, we may have a similar world view. Yesterday I said I’d share with you what NOT to do in your email, so… Quick question: What if my emails sounded more like, “Hello. My name is Chris Angell, with Think Real Estate Training. Thanks for registering onmy site. Just want you to know there’s a real person behind this website. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to contact me…, blah, blah, effin, blah.” I hate that email. It sounds like a form letter. And a boring one at that. I have no sense of your personality, so I automatically sort you into the people I don’t like. It’s not fair. It’s just true. In many ways it’s been my own block in the past to using email as a means to connecting with people. I didn’t know HOW to use email in a way that felt right to me. So I just didn’t use it. And if you’ve been on my email list for a while, you know that’s true. You haven’t heard from me hardly ever.  This is why. Most of us are interesting people with real personalities. And most of us have a friend or two, which proves we’re likable in some context or environment. But somewhere along the way, trying to learn this business and “do it right” we lost ourselves. No wonder the consumer can’t relate to us. We’re not being relatable! When you manage to create a meaningful conversation, where you discover their interest in real estate… (because you used those 8 great questions :)) you better have a good, (authentic) way to follow up. Most of your...

How many of these conversations it will take to hit your goal

Let’s get to it… As I promised yesterday, I want to cover how many of these conversations it will take to hit your goal. But first, How are the questions going? Are you using them? They don’t work if you don’t use them. :) One of my frustrations with the real estate industry, our industry, is that there are so many distractions. Too many agents are trying too many tactics, gimmicks, language patterns and shiny objects… You get the idea. Truth be told, I’m a recovering “shiny object” guy myself.  But after 13 years in the industry, this is what I know… Everything comes down to a conversation.  You don’t have a closing without a client. You don’t have a client without an appointment. And you don’t have an appointment without a conversation! Period. So the skill I’ve been helping agents hone in my consulting business is that Conversation. I even built a course around it (but I’ll share more on that in a future email. It’s beyond the scope of my topic today). My point is…  Agents get so distracted and buried in ridiculous strategies, that they miss the power of the conversation. What if your entire lead generation strategy was to have meaningful conversations? How many conversations would it take? (And by the way… a meaningful conversation is NOT asking who they know that wants to buy or sell a home. Duh!) It’s meaningful when you ask questions… Like the 8 questions I gave you (hint, hint) Heck, everything you do in lead gen should be about producing a meaningful conversation. Postcards, Facebook ads, craigslist ads, emails...